A tribute to school life :)

This post is dedicated to my school – Carmel Of St. Joseph – where i spent 12 years of my growing-up life.   I’m gonna try and recollect all the memories of all the years in this school since I am no longer a part of it.

I don’t actually remember everything about the initial stages, i.e. the pre-primary and then the primary stages, but i was told that i cried on the first day of school. (obviously). I remember my teachers and also some of my classmates who sat next to me in those years, but i don’t remember what i was taught and how much i cried/laughed w/ my friends. All the memories of those years went away from my mind as time went by. I do remember that my 2nd standard teacher rightly nick-named me ‘the laughing girl’ and she still addresses me that way whenever i meet her. I met my best friend Macy when i was in the 4th standard and we’ve been best friends since then. In 4th, i tried standing for captain, and didn’t succeed so i happily became the monitor of the class. And then we had a farewell by the students of the 3rd standard, who bid us goodbye and sent us off to ‘Secondary school’

Secondary school wasn’t as bad as expected. Our primary teachers drilled it in our heads that we wouldn’t be cared for/properly looked after in Secondary, but the secondary teachers proved them wrong. The only problem was waking up early for me, but i got used to it eventually. The 5th and 6th standards went by normally. Most of my school time was spent w/ Macy. And then she decided to leave and go to Australia for good when we were being promoted to the 7th standard. I was so disappointed because i knew i wouldn’t have anyone to talk to in school. But on the first day of my standard 7th, i met a new group of friends with whom i spent the remaining years of my school life. The time i spent with them was SO much fun, that i never felt school was a bore anymore… Till i came to the 9th standard. It was so boring because of the amount of studies and i took SO many holidays in 9th, for any silly reason. I even made some new friends in 9th because half my group of friends were not in my class. The days that i went to school i would get punished for almost everything. Incomplete homework, disturbing classmates, irritating the teacher were some of the common reasons for my punishment. And then i came to 10th standard. I vowed to change my behavior that year since it was a very ‘crucial year’. I think i was a better student, but i was still quite a pain in the back. 10th standard passed by so quickly, i barely remember any of it, even thought it was just last year. I do remember my field trip to Silvassa, which was the highlight of the year. It was a fun trip, but really short. After the new year, we had hardly 1 and a half week of school life left, and each of us made sure we made the most of it. And then came the day we all were waiting for–OUR FAREWELL. Okay, dressing in a saree is not all that fun, but the farewell party was what we were all looking forward to. I honestly still cannot believe how 12 years passed by SO fast. I know i cursed my school so many times and as much i said i hated it, deep down i really loved it.

Now i’m done with my school life and very soon I’ll be going to college. I have no idea what that’s gonna be like, but i am excited anyway. Honestly, i do not miss school yet. I think after some time, you just get bored of it. Or, well, at least i did. I enjoyed my school, and i’m sure i will miss it later. Right now i’m very grateful to my school for all that it taught me and how it helped me grow. Thank you to all my teachers, friends and everyone who has been with me on this school journey of mine. God Bless You All 🙂

My 10th standard class 🙂


Some of the friends i met in school 🙂

and… where it all started :’)



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