“I’m beautiful in my way,

‘Cause God makes no mistakes,

I’m on the right track, baby,


– Born This Way, Lady Gaga.

One of the hardest things we all face in our lives is learning to accept people the way they are. We make friends, and we expect them to live their life in a way that pleases us. We don’t realize that we are no one to judge them. We are no one to tell them how to walk, talk, dress, act and how to live their life.

A lot of people face bullying in school by their classmates and they’re termed ‘ugly’, ‘fat’, ‘geek’, ‘nerd’ and so many other terms just because they don’t ‘fit in’. A lot of these people go into depression and attempt suicide. Very few of them take it all in good humour.

In doing all this, we do not realize that we’re not only hurting the person, but also God, because He created that person. And he created all of us in His image and likeness, and so we have no right to call anyone ugly or fat or judge them by their outward appearance. And if any of you are a victim of such bullying, you shouldn’t pay the slightest attention to anything that is told to you. Remember the lines of Lady Gaga and live your life how you want to, not how others want you to. 🙂

“You are beautiful, no matter what they say, words can’t bring you down.”





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