How I started watching CASTLE…

        Crime is what I love, and hence crime shows always interest me. There are way too many crime shows on TV and although I haven’t been able to watch them ALL, I did manage watching a few which I liked. CASTLE is a show with crime AND romance and also a bit of humour. Since crime was just ONE OF THE aspects of the show, it was never my first choice of a favourite show. I still remember how my friend kept convincing me to watch it and I kept criticising it, without even giving it a try. My friend continued watching–though not regularly–and kept telling me to watch it too, and i plainly refused EACH TIME.

       And then that day arrived. 6th June 2010 was just another boring Sunday for me, and because i had nothing else to do, I switched on my TV. There was absolutely NOTHING that interested me, and i was FORCED to watch a re-run of one of the Castle episodes which was aired during the week. That next hour, I was glued to my TV, not even trying to bother about what was happening around me. That one episode of Castle, that I watched for the first time, changed my entire perception of it. I slowly began to grow fond of it, and I couldn’t afford to miss a single episode ever since.

       Two years on, I still have the same enthusiasm for the show. Yes, I do have OCD–Obsessive Castle Disorder. I love EVERYTHING about the show. I love it most for the unique ‘partnership’–the male writer and the female detective. 😉 And that was apparently the reason I “disliked” it two years ago! Along with the crime and the romance, each episode also portrays various qualities of each character, which one can learn from. It’s amazing really how I am so obsessed with the show that I claimed to ‘dislike’ initially! 🙂 ❤



Oh, and yes, I honestly think that whoever reads this, should go ahead & give it a try. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed 😉



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