Learning a foreign language

       This vacation has got to be one of the longest vacations of my life. The first half I sat around thinking of all the things I could do, and leaving it at that. I was too lazy to try anything new and I had had enough of studying at that point. A month and a half later, I got fed up of just sitting around. I finally decided to learn something new. Considering the fact that I knew no other language except English, and my ridiculously pathetic broken Hindi and Marathi, I decided to learn a foreign language. Now I know there are a lot of languages easier than French, and there were others that really fascinated me, but since I’m gonna have to learn French in college soon, I decided to go with learning it from now on.

       The good thing about these “French classes” is that they’re at home and my “teacher” is my sister! 😉

       No it’s not exactly a picnic either, because my sister is taking these classes very seriously. Well honestly, one of us had to! The talk of me learning French had been going on since forever, so you can imagine the enthusiasm around me when I actually got my books and sat for the class. I was pretty excited too, because I would finally know another language! 😀

      Truth is, it’s harder than I thought. Now, I’m not complaining or anything, I enjoy learning it, I really do, but what’s with the pronunciations and accents? Why can’t they just have normal alphabets like English? Still not complaining though. I’ve had 4 classes so far, and they’ve been super fun and confusing 😀 But I’m finally getting the hang of it (or at least I’d like to think so). 

     Honestly though, French is a really interesting language, and a wee bit tricky, but that’s okay, I guess. I can’t complain just yet, because I have a LONGGGG way to go! 😐 😛

PS–It definitely made my hols 10x interesting 😉

                          BONJOUR! 😀





2 thoughts on “Learning a foreign language

  1. LOL. “Picnic”. 😀
    But literally speaking, French was so a “Picnic” for me. It just took me 3 months to get a hang of it. 😛
    You reminded me of Joey. 😉


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