Welcoming The Monsoon.

We are now in mid-June and this is the monsoon season here in India. The rains are looked forward to with great anxiety as some respite from the unbearable, scorching heat.

The first rain is always amazing, what with the cool weather and the smell of the earth and everything. While some people choose to get wet in the “first rain”, some others (like me) choose to sit comfortably at home with a nice hot cup of coffee, looking out their window at the beautiful nature. Okay, jokes. I personally don’t get wet in the first rain, but I sit at home on the internet giving constant updates about it! πŸ˜›

The monsoon season reminds me of school and how I used to get wet on my way to school, irrespective of the fact that I was/wasn’t wearing a raincoat/carrying an umbrella. Walking in the rains is not, in any way, PARADISE; especially when you’re walking in your school uniform with a heavy backpack. One would think that the rain may wash off the dirt from the road (at least that’s what I think), but that never happens. The road is even dirtier with muck and muddy puddles all around. This is why I never do see the fun in “dancing in the rain” or “playing in the rain” or “walking in the rain” or any other action in the rain for that matter.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the monsoon. It helps me become lazier than usual. My perfect idea of a rainy day is cozying up on my sofa with a warm blanket and hot chocolate or a hot cup of coffee and either watching TV or reading a book. And I continue doing that for as long as it rains. So if it rains the entire day, I’ll be on the couch the entire day. And that’s why I love the rains πŸ˜€



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