Emmy For Stana!

Stana Katic is one of the best actresses I’ve ever seen. And I’m not just saying so because she acts in my favourite TV show of all time–CASTLE–in fact her acting is one of the many reasons I love that show. People get attracted to her immediately because of her flawless looks, and not a lot of them actually pay attention to her acting. Probably one of the reasons she hasn’t been nominated for an emmy yet. Yes, okay, you can close your mouths now, Stana Katic really hasn’t been nominated for an emmy. The reason behind this is still not very clear and it continues to baffle me. She has not failed to give a perfect performance in any episode of Castle. I especially loved her performance in “Kill Shot”, where she was in a low point in her life, coming face-to-face with her weakness. Her performance was so moving that one could actually experience the pain she was going through. And I know a lot of actors who do that and they’ve received emmys, then what’s so different about Stana? I think she does an amazing job playing “Kate Beckett” and she definitely deserves to be nominated at the least, if not win it.

You guys too can share your views by tweeting about this using the hashtag #emmy4Stana 🙂


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