-College Life-

So I just finished one whole term at college, and man, that was quick! I still remember my first week at college like it was last week! Anyway… College has been just simply amazing, to say the least. Initially, it was quite a pain-in-the-back, ’cause I was so used to lazing around and doing nothing all day, that waking up early and travelling so much just to go to college used to really annoy me. That was how the first couple of weeks went by. And then… I got used to it.

I got used to travelling, and actually found it fun, since I have most of my friends with me and everything. And then I decided to make new friends–something I love doing. I usually make friends by asking them what TV shows they watch, or what music they listen to, and if their answers interest me, I choose them as my friends πŸ˜› I didn’t do that this time, though. I started talking to everyone casually about random stuff, and gradually made friends with them. And this was when I actually got used to college.

By “got used to”, I mean it felt like school all over again, where everyone knows everyone, and, in my case, every teacher picks on you all the time. πŸ˜‰ Oh yeah, all my college teachers pick on me, by the way. I get called to the first bench almost every class, either for laughing, or talking, or sleeping. I learnt to see the fun in that too. [nah, not really].

Apart from all of that, this whole idea of “college” really fascinates me, travelling included. Running for the bus or train can be annoying, but it’s all worth the while in the end. I love college, it’s fun, and I look forward to it everyday. πŸ˜€


Some of my wonderful friends ^_^


My campus ^^ πŸ™‚




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