Stop judging, start living!




Everyone of us, at some point in life, has experienced judgement. You could have been either the victim or on the side passing the judgement.

Being judged is not exactly what somebody wants to experience in their lives. Each of us has the right to live freely, doing what WE think is best for us, making decisions on our own, without others interfering and telling us what is right/wrong for us. Many people PREFER living independently and can’t stand people constantly telling them what to do. I’m sure nobody LIKES being judged. Some people do best and ignore the judgement, but many others take it seriously and they let it bring them down, thus leading to a low self-esteem.

So then, why exactly do we judge? Some people judge others and think they’re powerful and have control over the person’s life because the person reacts to their judgement. People judge others probably because they have been judged before. They judge others saying the person has a bad attitude/personality/character.

I think each of us has our own life to live, we have our own mistakes to make and learn from, our own decisions to make. When we judge others, we tend to stop living our own lives and start minding everyone else’s business around us. It has been written in the Bible, and I quote– “Do not judge others, for God will judge you in the same way as you judge others. Why do you look at the SPECK in your brother’s eye, and pay no attention to the LOG in your own eye?” (Matthew 7)

This simply means that instead of pointing out others’ flaws, we need to examine and rectify our own flaws. It has also been clearly mentioned that judging people is God’s duty, and it is a sin to be judging others.

So yeah, I think all of us need to learn to stop judging others and bothering about THEIR lives and be concerned with our OWN lives and problems, and live peacefully πŸ™‚





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