To Trust Or Not To Trust


“Trust” is one of the many common words used among teenagers nowadays, without most people knowing the true meaning or value of it.

Most of us have that one person we can trust with everything. We also have several other people in our life we can openly talk to and trust, and seek their guidance and help with certain problems that we know they can help us with.

As opposed to the people who have trust issues, and are not open about their lives, there are those who open up very easily, and seem to trust just about anyone. These people, obviously, haven’t had a bad experience regarding trusting someone. While I agree that it’s important for us to open up to someone, I think it’s also really important we realize WHOM we’re opening up to, and WHAT we’re trusting them with. Especially when we trust someone with personal incidents, we need to make sure we trust them enough before doing so, otherwise, without realizing it, everyone around just randomly “hears about” those personal incidents.

Many people have trust issues, which is usually because of a bad experience in their past, where they trusted someone, and the person betrayed them. Nowadays, it’s mostly about teenagers trusting their so-called best friends by telling them something personal, and expecting them to keep it a secret. And eventually, when they drift apart, or are not on talking terms with each other, they let out each others’ “secrets”.

I was taught that when we trust someone, it means we think they’re capable of whatever it is we trust them with. It may not only be related to our personal lives, but even about the various things we dearly possess, and trusting someone enough to let them use it.

For those of you who are afraid of opening up because of your past experiences, I really think it’s about time you put that fear away, and go out there and find someone trustworthy, someone you can open up to; simply because keeping things to yourself is not going to help. As much as we try to live independently, and do things on our own, we do need a little help from someone around us, to help us live our lives. Remember, if you find it hard to trust someone, people are going to find it hard to trust you, too. You cannot expect someone to trust you without you trusting them back. Trust is mutual, and you need to, at least to a certain extent, trust the person who trusts you. We all get betrayed at some point, it’s a part of life. The important thing is learning from that incident, and being cautious while trusting someone again.





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