Choosing Friends

FRIENDS. Everybody needs a friend — someone they can talk to, look to for support, trust with their lives, and so on. We have been given the opportunity of choosing friends we like/think most “friend-worthy”. Most people choose friends based on their personality, likes/dislikes, hobbies, talents or if they share anything in common with the person. Not a lot of people think too much before choosing a friend, and befriend people based on how comfortable they are with them.


Honestly, I make friends based on our common interests, too. Until recently, I never really gave befriending people too much thought. Being a little too friendly, I went up to just about anyone and befriended them. Of course, I never got really close to any of them, but I still do talk to them every once-in-a-while. There are a bunch of friends, though, who are really close to me, and are always there for me when I need them, and even when I don’t. And I was just sitting and thinking to myself the other day (’cause I had nothing to do besides daydream) about how these friends have literally done so much for me. It is only because of them that I’ve gotten through my tough times with ease.


Their kind words, constant support no matter what, advising me when I truly need it, taking the pain to understand me, making me feel special and loved, doing goofy things to cheer me up when I’m upset, and basically just being there for me all the time, made me realize how important friends are, and how choosing the right ones is even more important. 


All of us need that bunch of friends like I have. It could be even just one person who does all these things for you and makes you feel worth it. I am so grateful for these few friends of mine, because I know that they are the ones behind my happiness, and have always been there to motivate me, especially when I begin to lose faith in myself. And so, if you have a friend/friends like this, let them know today how grateful you are for everything they’ve done for you. And, well, if you don’t have such friends yet, what are you waiting for? You’re missing out on something really special! 


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all these friends of mine. I LOVE YOU ALL, GOD BLESS YOU! Always ❤




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