Profession hunting

I’m in year 12, and this year is really crucial for me, as I need to pick my subjects of specialization for next year, which will obviously set the path for my future career.


I want to do journalism. I can’t say I’ve always wanted to do journalism, because I got this is my head only around 3 years ago. I’m not getting into ALL of the choices I made as a kid–I mean, I literally dreamed the impossible back then. But, more recently, I wanted to become a teacher. It probably stemmed from the fact that my mother was a teacher, and I thought that it was the coolest profession there ever was. Then I actually thought about it… And I realized I’d make a terrible teacher. I mean I’m not exactly the patient kind, and I can’t teach. I can’t explain basic stuff to people, they hardly understand me. So, teaching was a big no-no. Three years ago, I don’t really recall what made me think of journalism–maybe because I realized I could write–but I began to pay more attention to the profession, and I’ve found it to be quite interesting. No, no, NOT a TV reporter, (I’d just make a big mess out of that, honestly.) but I want to be a correspondent, and write for newspapers and stuff.


So yeah, that’s pretty fixed. But of late, I’ve been trying to reconsider my options, just to make sure that this is what I actually want. I mean, I’m just 16, and maybe it’s just me, but I find it rather odd that we’re expected to make such a big lifetime decision at this stage. Simply because I change my mind about everything ever so often. There are only certain things in my life, that I’m actually sure of, and haven’t changed my mind about for a long time now. But this question’s been bothering me. What if I complete my education, and get a good career and everything, and THEN realize that this is not what I want to be doing for the rest of my life? All those years of hard work will just go in vain.


I don’t exactly believe in destiny, because I think every individual creates their own destiny, but I believe in God. I don’t mean to get too spiritual here, but I know He has a plan for everyone/thing, and I guess I can only hope and pray that He helps me make the right decision. 




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