My life in alphabets

I ripped this off three blogs, actually. Vee‘s, SecretiveKnight16‘s and Nia’s. Hope you enjoy it! Feel free to re-post it on your own blog, too.

Ambition: Like mentioned in my previous blog, my current ambition (hoping it’ll last) is to be a journalist.

Bad Habits: Procrastination, inattentiveness, being mean to people.

Celebrity Crushes: Nathan Fillion, Tom Cruise, Andrew Garfield, Ian Harding, Adam Levine, Liam Hemsworth, and the latest, Patrick J. Adams. Ooh, also, Stana Katic! 😀

Drink: Elementary. Coca Cola.

Education: Year twelve. I think that’s a universal term, so I’ll stick to that.

Food: French Fries! And I love any non-vegetarian dish, really, especially chicken.

Guilty pleasure: Sour candy. Lots of ‘em!

Hometown: I’m always confused about what this means. I was born in Doha. But now I live in India’s best city-Bombay. (Your argument is forever invalid).

Ice cream: Chocolate! I hate chocolate, but I love chocolate ice creams so much! And I love ice candies, too. Especially cola.

Jonesing for: Cola, junk food. I don’t know, I change my mind all the time.

Kryptonic: Stana Katic. (if that’s right :s)

Look-a-like: None that I know of. I AM THE ONE AND ONLY. Okay, sorry. ._.

 Movie: Too many to name. I like watching chick flicks, and I LOVE horror, but I’m not a big fan of action.

 Nickname: Chris, Chrissie, Kitty, Kittyna, Spongebob… Y..eah, that’s enough.

Obsessions: Castle, twitter, reading.

Perfumes: I don’t know, I normally use deodorants.

Quotes: “The last thing you want to do, is look back on your life and wonder ‘if only…’”. ~Castle.

“I know I can do ALL things through Christ, who strengthens me.” ~Philippians 4:13.

Regrets: I have no regrets. Or maybe I do. I don’t wish to list them out, though.

Singers: Coldplay, Maroon 5 (Adam’s voice is just gahfjfahgk), Drew Ryniewicz, Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton. The list goes on.

The Last Book You Read: The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks.

Unique Feature: I have the weirdest facial expressions, and I also make really random sounds, which creep people out at all the time.

Vacation: Does being in my room count? Because that’s actually where I spend all my time, especially in the holidays.

Writers: Khaled Hosseni, fo’ sho. And I like Nicholas Sparks too. I just read random books by random writers.

X: Ah, no one gets a word for X. I remember struggling while playing “Name, Place, Animal, Thing” when I was smaller, and the letter was X. I’ll just leave it at this then?

Years: Sixteen years, seven months.

Zen: Reading. Twitter. Tumblr. I guess.



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