On dying and RIP Cory Monteith.


Cory Monteith’s death has stirred up a lot of death talks around me. Most of them are of sympathy towards him, and his girlfriend, whom he was reportedly engaged to, and was set to marry in two weeks. I’m sure there are tons of blogs that have been dedicated to him, too. This post is not just another sympathizing one. All these talks surrounding his death, have actually been a major wake-up call for me, as also for his fans, and other people around the world.

Nobody’s tomorrow is guaranteed

-Richard Castle.

These fours words bear so much meaning. Many times, we live our lives as if we KNOW we have so many more years to live through. We delay work, meeting someone, or anything else we have to do, for a later time like the next hour or day, or even week, but how can we possibly be so sure that we will actually be able to do it then? How do we know whether we’ll even be alive for that moment? I think something each of us can learn from Cory’s death or anyone else’s, (I’m only using his death as an example because it was the most recent big happening) is that we are never certain about what the next moment will bring. Surely, Cory didn’t think he’d die. He was, in fact, looking forward to “getting married, having kids and living happily ever after”. We sometimes fail to realize how precious life actually is, and how any given moment could be our last.

We all know we’re going to die someday. But no one actually knows when. It doesn’t mean that we ought to live our life in constant fear or dying. I don’t even understand why people are scared of dying, but let’s not get into that. The way I see it, we should live our lives how we want to, doing what makes us happy, making sure we cherish and enjoy each moment, so as not to have any regrets later. Life could be short or long; you could live twenty years or maybe even up to a hundred. I’ve learned that the amount of years you’ve lived doesn’t matter, what matters is HOW you spent those years, and what you’ve done to make a difference.

This post is just a sort of wake-up call for anyone reading it, because it was one for me, too. Live life according to your terms, stay happy, keep no grudges, and more importantly, be nice to everyone. You never know when you’ll see them next.

Just found this image in my facebook news feed and saw how fitting it was for this post.

Just found this image in my facebook news feed and saw how fitting it was for this post.



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