What is love?


Till date, I haven’t received a satisfactory response as to what love is. I reckon it’s because when they portray it in movies and TV shows, it’s just… well… perfect, far from what it is in reality. Most people say love is when you’re willing to sacrifice the things you love, when you do things you wouldn’t otherwise think of, to make someone happy. A lot of people have different opinions about love. I have never succeeded in putting it in words. I can never narrow something as big as “love” down to a simple, one-line definition. There are, however, a few things that define love for me.


GOD IS LOVE. This is one line I’ve heard since I was a kid, and, at that point, it didn’t make sense, but I accepted it anyway. Now, after experiencing God’s love in many ways, like in certain incidents in my life, and also shown through people who are part of my life, there has not been a time that I have believed these words stronger than I do now.


To a certain extent, when I look at my mother, or my father, I see love. I’m not saying it to sound cliché, but when I actually sit to think about everything they have done–and continue doing–for me, all the sacrifices they’ve made just for my happiness, I see true love. They love me unconditionally.


It’s the same story with a handful of my friends. The ones that care for me and are always there to support me and look after me in times of trouble. The ones that try hard to bring a smile to my face when I’m down, when, sometimes, they’re through tougher times. When I look back and think of everything they’ve done for me, I feel overwhelmed. I feel special. I feel loved. 


This love that my family and friends shower me with makes me want to do something in return for them; anything to see them happy. It makes me want to love them back.


Another instance is when I watch “CASTLE”, my favorite TV show, and watch the main couple there–Caskett (Castle and Beckett). Like I said before, the couples that they portray in reel life are not like that in real life, but Castle and Beckett actually seem so genuine. They have flaws, and it’s their mutual understanding of those flaws and acceptance of each other that makes them perfect. They don’t have it easy, they have problems just like any regular couple, but their true love makes them stand out among everyone else for me. I know they’re not a real-life couple, but for some reason, their on-screen love life gives me an idea of true love.


So you see, I don’t have a definition of what love is, but to me, love is that feeling I get from the people around me, when they go out of their way to make sure I feel special. I find love in the simplest of things they do for me.




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