Things I will never understand.


Need I elaborate? The part of the crowd that refrains from indulging in this rather irrational behavior have complained about it plenty; but there’s nothing any of us can do about it. Yes, I understand tags help making our searches easier, but I don’t quite see the need to overdo them. Sensible, limited tags suffice, don’t they? It’s used more as a trendy thing today, rather than serving its basic, genuine purpose. I just don’t see the “coolness” of it all.


Please, tell me what you’ve done with all the time you’ve saved up in not typing a complete word. Okay, I will not deny the fact that I used them too, once upon a time. That was when they were cool. Or at least I thought they were. Then, like many other things in my life, I outgrew them. And I’m glad, too. Now, when I look back at all my posts or whatever I’d written in those years, I have this strong urge to disown my old self.

There are, however, some universal short forms that are acceptable, and more importantly, readable, but the other ones, consisting of numbers and symbols and I-don’t-even-know-what-else, completely indecipherable, apparently to save time, but instead waste more time of the person struggling to decipher it. Yeah, makes no sense.


GIRLS ON FACEBOOK! I know of so many people who do this. I don’t mean to be offensive, but how in the world is a “selfie” or a picture with your friend related to a deep, philosophical quote? Personally, yes, I did try it. And I found it to be very unappealing after a couple of hours, because there didn’t seem to be a logical explanation behind it. If you want to advise people on their lives, why not just create a separate post for the same?


Now, this may be strictly my view only, but it is one of the things I don’t understand in my life, and it had to be included in here. I travel by train everyday to college. Thankfully, I have company by way of friends, but we pass our time listening to music anyway. The journey is long enough for me to observe both strange and normal behaviors of all the passengers. Usually, we have groups of ladies talking about their day, laughing, sharing food. Then there are the students, who obviously are in a world of their own, listening to music. Some of them are busy with their phones, or reading, but doing something. There exists also a category of people who sit idly—in the middle of the compartment, mind you, not even at the window seat—without any people to talk to, or music to listen to. There are quite a few people who do that EVERY DAY—it’s a part of their routine. They sit idly for an entire journey of roughly an hour, or sometimes even longer, just staring blankly into space. I don’t get this because I’m a very restless person. I cannot even sit the entire train journey, I have to go stand at the door in between, because I just get so exhausted sitting down.

These are the only things I could think of for now. And I’ve left this post hanging for months, and finally decided to post it. However, I will make sure to add to this, if I can think of something nice enough.



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