That time of the year again.

Christmas is ’round the corner! Universally, irrespective of the fact that people celebrate this festival or not, we find a sense of happiness and cheerfulness and joy and other such synonyms associated with this season. Personally, it’s my favorite time of the year, even though I’m not completely sure why. Naturally, I felt the need to blog about it. Now, there was a  major crisis  only a tiny crisis: I blogged about Christmas the last time. So, I sat and thought about what I could possibly do different this year. My views on Christmas remain fixed, and it also didn’t make sense to me to repeat a post. I eventually came up with this idea; it’s still in the midst of development.

Everyone knows about the festival of Christmas, but no one, except the people who actually celebrate the festival, know about the four-week period of Advent preceding it. I thought it would be nice to throw some light on the topic, and also add a personal dimension to it. I’m not revealing too much because I’m not sure yet about the entire affair, and so I’d advise you to just wait until I post it. However, I can tell you this for sure. There will be posts for the next 4 Sundays. The advent season begins tomorrow, so you can look for the first post sometime then. Stay tuned. Let’s hope I can stay devoted.



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