Of abrupt endings and goodbyes.

The final month of 2013 brought along with it an end to yet another phase of my life, and a relatively short one at that. I just completed (well, technically, not yet, but who cares?) my education at junior college – which lasted around a year and a half. Although it got over really soon, it embedded in my mind a huge amount of memories, and also faces that I will definitely remember for life.

I met a number of people here whom I have grown close to, as much as one can within that short a time period. Hopefully, if things go well, I will continue my education and graduate from this college; but there are a lot of people who will be going their own separate ways.

When I first entered my class in July of 2012, I never really thought of the amount of friends I would make, or how much my life would change. Okay, well, neither of that actually happened, anyway. Yes, I made a lot of friends – people whom I genuinely like – but they’re going away now; going off to different universities, some to other cities, and still some to other countries. I chatted and laughed with them every day, and eventually, they became a part of my life just like that.

The first year passed by with me still getting to know people’s names and faces – it’s hard being in a class of 100-odd pupils you’re seeing for the first time in your life, when you’re used to 60 faces that you’ve been studying with all your life in school. Coming to college, I was excited to make new friends, but I was also very hesitant because of my past experiences. I wanted real friends – people that actually cared. By the start of second term, everyone seemed to know their place: where, and with whom they belonged. So many groups were formed – I steered clear from them having had a best-forgotten experience with groups in the past. I was slightly panicky about the fact that I hadn’t really made as many friends as everyone else, but I didn’t give it too much thought. The first year was over in no time; I had made more than a handful of friends whose company I actually enjoyed and honestly, I was happy.

After a really lazy summer, I was actually looking forward to returning to the place. Back to the classroom with way too many students; to those desks that helped me make up for the miserable few hours of sleep I got the previous night; to reading, writing, eating during lectures; to constantly getting picked on by every other teacher, and eventually, getting thrown out of class; in which case I found solace in the canteen or the library, depending on my mood. Most of all, I was looking forward to getting to know more people. I had only six months, and there had been a lot of people I hadn’t actually had a conversation with, save for a few hellos or smiles or awkward looks. (That happens to me all the time. Usually, while daydreaming, I land up staring at someone without actually realizing it). So, this time, I vowed to talk to as many people as I could, and not be too choosy about it. And I did just that.

It turned out to be rewarding. I actually got to know people on a more personal level, having known only their name and face and roll number before. What fascinated me was how much I could actually relate to each person. Certain aspects of the people were a lot similar to mine, which was a first. Castle fangirls, book nerds, those that shared similar tastes in music, socially awkward ones, creeps – my class was filled with them all. Also, they were all really friendly. I didn’t have to push myself to go to class any longer – I actually looked forward to it. (Probably not so much for the travelling bit)

Eventually, I think everyone realized that it’d only be a couple of months, and then we wouldn’t be together anymore. Nothing would be the same. The class became united (ish), and, considering we were 100-something students, that’s saying something. We became pretty close-knit. Despite all our differences, we were all definitely united against the dark, powerful force that was our English teacher. Not only was she ridiculously horrible at the language with her pathetic and VERY limited knowledge of grammar (which she seems hell-bent on not improving in), but she was also a really horrible person, as we all learnt eventually. I definitely will NOT miss her, but I will miss the fun we had during her lectures – laughing our heads off and helping each other make it through each dreadful lecture. (I’m not even exaggerating. But okay, no more about her. I just had to get that out, sorry.)

Those last couple of months passed by sooner than any of us could realize it. In no time, it was the end, and I had to say goodbye to every single friend I had made. It really bothered me, honestly. I was only just growing close to them, they were already such a significant part of my life, and I had to just let them go? Sure, there were the promises of keeping in touch thanks to technology and all, but things will never be the same. I will never be able to sit in those benches with them, water leaking from the ceiling during rainy season, and pieces of the ceiling falling on random heads; never rant about how annoying assignments are and how much they are hated, or about how the lecture before break and the last lecture of the day go on for eternity, or about how stupid our syllabus is, and how we were definitely failing each term, when, in reality, no one ever did. There are so many incidents etched in my memory that I know I will never forget. Junior college got over too soon, but then again, everything eventually comes to an end. Saying that junior college changed my life would not only be clichéd, but also really inaccurate. It changed certain aspects of my life for the better, and I’m grateful for that. I’m grateful, most of all, to the people I’ve met – students, and also certain teachers. You have made a considerable impact on my life, and I will never ever forget any of you, even if we don’t cross paths again. I hope that the memories of those days we shared together remain with you. I also hope you find success in whatever you do.

Here’s to ALL the fun moments, and also the not-so-fun ones that we’ll never get back.


our last Psychology class. Us with our teacher 🙂



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