Chin Chin is one of my favorite persons and this post only made me love her more. Thank you, Chin. ❤

Chimerical Redamancy

Christina has survived all of seventeen years, as of today. I cannot be sure if it’s all skill, a lot of luck or ceaseless tweeting that’s made this possible, but I’d put my money on the latter. This girl has managed to elude killers, terrorists, sickeness and other fatal things and also live with slow internet, and *gasp* Beliebers (the line is thin here; watch this space for further developments) without once spending so much as an hour of her time either a) in jail or b) off twitter. She’s also been retweeted by several celebrities which, I’d consider an achievement if my favourite writers/poets/musicians were a) alive and b) on twitter. And for that, I shower her with heartfelt praise.

For this, I think a birthday wish is in order and I’m using this post to channelise these feelings I sometimes have for my friends, often misconstrued to be…

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