Happiness today seems to be one of the most talked about things courtesy of #100HappyDays, “Happiness is… *insert happiness-inducing situation*” pictures that seem to be surfacing all over the internet, Pharrell Williams’ song, and so on. It has thus become a trend – being happy. But are we really, genuinely happy? I don’t mean for this to sound preachy, but it’s just something that struck me. If we were actually happy, we would be able to live peacefully with people, rather than wanting to kill them every so often. Of course, in saying that, I speak for myself. I absolutely CANNOT stand people, especially when I’m supposed to interact with them. But, let’s not get into that.

Today’s blog is about happiness, because I think it’s something that’s very essential in today’s world; not just for peaceful co-existence or whatever, but also for each of us to be able to enjoy life. You don’t get to live your life again, and it honestly does not make sense wasting this one life in misery and sadness.

Happiness is subjective; different people have their own unique opinions of things that bring them happiness. It may be something small that does not even matter to others. For me, some things that make me happy are a new Castle episode, watching an entertaining cricket match, listening to good music (ahem, Coldplay, ahem), making myself proud by doing something I didn’t think was possible, among others.

There are, however, techniques of being happy that are common to everyone. A positive but at the same time realistic outlook towards life is closely connected to being happy. Being able to see the humor in what may be the not-so-fun aspects of life is rare, but it is an ability that enables people to keep at a task without complaining, no matter how far away from success they think they may be. Life has its ups and downs, everyone faces some or the other struggle in their life. What’s important is that we do not let that get in the way of our happiness. It’s just a part of our life which, like everything else, shall pass. So you failed that exam you prepared so hard for, you did not get that job you dreamed of, you lost someone you loved, or some other drastic incident took place; are you going to stop living? Life is about so much more, all we need to do is change our perspective towards certain things, and learn to see the good side. Even more important is being happy with oneself. Sometimes we look around for external things, or even people, to make us happy, but what we do not realize is that we will never truly be joyful if we are not at peace with ourselves. Only when we are truly happy with ourselves, can we be truly happy with the things and people around us. This can be done by being the person we want to be, doing the things we want to do, irrespective of what others think. It’s alright to take into consideration others’ opinions, but it’s your life, and you need to be comfortable living it.

It’s okay to be upset sometimes, it’s okay to rant and vent out your frustration every once in a while. However, after some point, and I say this from my own personal experience, you reach a point where you realize complaining and whining about every little thing does not do anything to make it less frustrating. In the end, all you get is frustration, and still more frustration, and no peace at all. It may seem like the easier way out, because maintaining your cool while constantly failing at something isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. Additionally, you come across some idiots in your daily life, and there’s really nothing you can do about it, but I find not retaliating and ignoring them to be a pretty useful solution.

Personally, I love ranting. I make sure I share my views in public, so that everyone in the world knows how outraged I am. It’s fun. However, it does get boring eventually. I found my life unchanging, found myself stuck in the same direction, I also realized that I was always trying to find only the negative side of things, so as to rant about it, and above all, I was just an unhappy person. It was torturous, really, and I’ve always been a very jolly person, so I obviously couldn’t stand it. I still have my moments of extreme misery and frustration, so I still have to work on that. I have, however, started to see the fun side of things, which has helped me cope with a lot of hassles, for lack of a better word.

Okay fine, I did end up being a little preachy. But, all I want to say is: go out there and have fun. Start anew every day, and avoid dwelling on the past, or worrying about the future. Always remember to smile, and bring a smile to others’ faces. I’m sure life will be so much easier if each of us could at least sincerely try to just be happy, for a change.






It’s been more than just “A WHILE” since I blogged. I had my board exams, which was definitely NOT a happy time. But they’re over, so I will be here more often now, in case any of you wanted to know.




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