Diary of a Wimpy Cricket Fan: World Cup T20 2014.

I have never been a cricket or sports blogger, and I don’t intend to change that, at least not anytime soon. These past 3 weeks, however, have been so eventful (only in the cricket world, and not at all in any other aspect of my life). Starting right after my exams, I couldn’t have been more elated about watching it. The Indian team wasn’t exactly performing their best – considering their performances in their tours over the past few months, but I was looking forward, nevertheless, especially since T20 is a format that I enjoy most. Like every other cricket fan, I was supporting the Indian team, hoping and praying they’d make the tournament a memorable and exciting one.

Their first match was against Pakistan. Anyone knows about the intensity of Ind-Pak matches – twitter wars between the two opposing sides and all, not to forget the Pakistani cricketers’ English (with all due respect to Pakistanis, but COME ON!) – And how they are looked forward to with much anticipation and excitement. India won that, and the next one, and the next one, AND the next one, thus being the only team in the tournament to have won all 4 matches played in the group stage. I’ll admit, it was a bit of a pleasant surprise, even though I never really doubted the fact that they were capable of such a feat.  The odds seemed to be completely in their favour, and it was not long before they were considered the “team-to-beat”. Sri Lanka was having a rather impressive tournament themselves, but I’m a fan of the Indian Cricket Team, so let’s not get there, hehe.

Their clash against South Africa in the semi-finals was, personally, my favourite match in the tournament. That has little to do with the fact that SA is my second favourite team, and more with the way India (read: Virat Kohli) played that day. More than winning that match and qualifying for the finals, it was an absolutely entertaining match from start to finish, which to me, is an equally important factor in this format. They were slated to face SL in the finals – not particularly unexpected, considering they were two of the strongest teams in the tournament. Personally, I thought India would win it. They looked to be the more favourable side – and I’m not just saying that because of my personal biases. I was a tad disappointed, but I do not want to take credit away from SL. As much as it may hurt my ego, I have to admit that SL were the stronger side that day, and deserved to win it. I did, however, find a silver lining in the fact that Virat Kohli was awarded “Player of the Tournament” – a title that most suited him, than anyone else, because he played brilliantly throughout the tournament, shutting up all his critics yet again; and also kinda sorta because he is one of my favourite cricketers of all time.

Apart from the fun games that we got to see during the tournament, I also particularly enjoyed the fun and shenanigans (if you can call it that) off the field (read: Twitter). Live-tweeting/discussing/criticizing/mocking, when done in the presence of a number of other like-minded people, only adds to the excitement of the game. So thanks, all of you on twitter, for the constant entertainment, especially during some extremely boring matches, where I found myself wondering why I was even bothering to sit through it. This tournament would not have been as fun without you.




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