The Reality of Perception.

Perception is a subject that has been given sufficient consideration in blog posts on the internet, which is precisely why I refrained from talking about it. However, of late, I’ve noticed the prominence of perceptions in my personal life, and how it almost seems to be guiding my life.

I have a habit of creating images of people I closely interact with, based on what I know of them, adding bits and pieces as I learn more. This helps me because I find them more relatable that way and I also find it easier to understand them. However, when a slight discrepancy occurs between their real self and my perceived image of them, it leads me to wonder if the person has changed, or if I have been wrong about them the whole time. So dependent have I become on these images I have in my mind, that I have found myself paying more attention to the images of these people than their actual selves.

This may not be the case with everyone else as with me, but there definitely exists blurry lines between perception and reality in many aspects of people’s lives. Everyone perceives situations/people the way they want to, selectively picking the stuff that makes sense to them, and interpreting them as they please. How, then, do we know what reality actually is? Whether we experience a situation first-hand, or hear about it from someone else, we become aware of only a perception of it, and not its reality.

This led me to wonder… Does reality exist? Considering the fact that each of us perceives reality differently, there’s a good chance that none of us knows what reality is. So then, is reality just an imaginary concept in our heads? The way I see it, there are two realities: the actual reality, and the perceived reality. Some people’s perceived reality is very far from the actual reality, while some bear barely any difference.

What we perceive becomes our reality. Our perception may be nothing close to the actual reality, but we choose to believe it is. Perception thus plays a crucial role in our lives. Our life ultimately turns out the way we perceive it, and we cannot rid ourselves of perception easily. Being blessed with the ability to perceive the world how we like, it only makes sense to use it to our advantage. We also have the ability to alter our perceptions, thus changing the way we look at the world. It is not difficult, then, for us to live positive lives. All we have to do is view the world around us positively.

And that is what I learnt from this seemingly complex topic which has a simple point: Perception is reality. Each of us perceives the world differently, therefore reality differs from person to person.

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Take time out to pay closer attention to the way you perceive things today, and bring about a difference in your own life.



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