I want to write.

I want to write freely, without constantly having to erase the words I’m writing just to make sure it sounds perfect at the end of it.

I want to write to express my feelings, and not just write random stuff for the heck of it.

I want to write, and reach out to people with my writing.

I want to write, not just to post something out there for people to read, but to fill a void inside of me.

I want to write, because I’ve been struck by lightning; because there is something I really need to say.

I want to write because I possess the gift that most writers possess: the gift of filling simple words/phrases with deep meaning.

I want to write without being competitive, without constantly comparing others’ writings with mine.

I want to write because words are the best way I can express what I feel…

But what if I don’t feel anything?

How am I to write then?

How am I to fill up the void growing bigger inside of me each time?

How am I supposed to be content with the gift I think I possess?

How am I supposed to get anything done when every second thought that I have contradicts the preceding one?

I want to write. Really, really write.

PS: I haven’t written anything except for a huge load of assignments for a long time, and I really miss posting on here, and even just writing in general. This post is my way of venting out the confusion and frustration that has been eating at me for months now. Sorry, it hasn’t gone through any editing, because I just wanted to put some words out there, and just to let you all know that I’m still around… just struggling to find inspiration to write something worthwhile.

See you soon, hopefully!



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