I finally had something eventful happen in my life worth blogging about, so here I am. I attended my first-ever major international concert on Sunday, [I’d only attended a gospel one some years ago.] and going there was easily one of the best decisions I’ve made.

ED SHEERAN. I wasn’t a big fan of him before the concert – I’d only heard some 7-8 songs, and I knew nothing about the guy except that he’s an English redhead with a beautiful voice and bears an uncanny resemblance to this doll I have.

Except, she’s a girl. Her name is now Edna.

I wasn’t ‘‘over the moon’’ when he announced about the concert, but I was filled with a sense of curiosity. I was curious to see what he would be like live [which is the case for every artist I’ve ever listened to.], curious to see how it felt to be a part of that huge crowd chanting and cheering and singing along, curious to know what a concert actually felt like.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked Ed. I just didn’t know what to expect from the concert because I never really watched any of his performances before. The concert was filled – packed, like a tin of sardines – with teenage girls. Teenage fangirls. People who had painted their faces/hands with Ed-related things and were constantly shrieking at the top of their voices, even when nothing was actually happening.

The opening of the gates led to a stampede, obviously. A minor one, but it was terrifying because I was somewhere in the front, and I had to run to save my life from… teenage fangirls. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d say. I’ll be honest, the crowd was most displeasing [to put it nicely.], and it was quite a buzzkill. Standing in that crowd was genuinely worse than travelling in a second-class compartment of a Virar local at PEAK HOUR! Fangirls are crazy. Anyway, I made it right to the front, inches away from the stage, and I was very pleased with myself on achieving such a feat.

We waited for about two hours until Ed finally came out on stage. The opening act was by a DJ [whose name I never really caught.], and it really must have sucked to be him, because all he could hear over his music were the ‘WE WANT ED!’ chants. When Ed finally came out, we were all exhausted, but all of a sudden, the ground resounded with screams and shrieks. It was unreal, honestly, seeing him right there in front of my eyes – not through my TV screen, through my own naked eyes! He came out smiling ever-so-adorably [he was wearing a blue kurta!], and wrapped the Indian flag around one of his mics, again met by roaring and cheering. [Anything he did seemed to elicit the very same reaction each time.]

He started off with so much energy, and not once during the entire hour and a half that he performed on that stage, did he seem to be lacking any of it. Listening to his beautiful voice was heavenly indeed, but what I couldn’t [and still can’t] wrap my head around is the fact that he’s a one-man band. The concept is not foreign to me, but actually seeing all of it unfold right in front of me – multiple voices paired with multiple sound effects – was all so spectacular and extraordinary and too much to take in. I was awestruck the entire time; he surprised me with every song.

When I’d decided to go to the concert, I didn’t know what exactly to expect, but it definitely wasn’t something of THAT magnitude! Damn, that guy is such an entertainer, and so insanely talented, it was such an honour to actually witness him live! Thank you, Ed, for making my first concert a memorable one, and for setting the bar so high for the artists whose concerts I will go to in the future!

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