I Don’t Remember What I Did Last Summer – Fridays With Friends: Christina Fernandes

I guest wrote for Nia’s blog. Check it out!

Books, Feels & Tears

Howdy! I am pleased to announce a new segment – Fridays With Friends.


And today my first friend to grace my blog is Christina Fernandes. Her blog – Capricious Flibbertigibbet. Xtina, as i fondly call her, [not so fondly at times too], loves Jesus, Coldplay and Twitter. She adores Castle and its actors – Nathan and Stana and has a witty repertoire every time I speak to her. She is my only classmate [one I like] in Anthropology and we also share English Literature. Xtina is smart, funny, and kind and she has also paid me for this. [JK].

Here’s her beautiful article:

On being asked to write for this blog, I promptly agreed [perhaps a little too enthusiastically], and as much as Nia would like to kid herself into believing that I was excited to write for her, it’s not the truth. I’m excited to pen words…

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