Of true friendship and bliss.

She was happy – truly, infinitely happy. It wasn’t often that she experienced this kind of happiness. Sure, she’d been happy for the better part of her life, but this was different… This had more feeling, more genuineness. For the first time in her life, she wanted the voice in her head to shut up. It was not the only voice that spoke to her anymore; it was not the only thing that kept her from being lonely. She wasn’t a loner – far from it. She just liked to be alone and keep to herself most of the time, which often resulted in feelings of loneliness. She knew she deserved better ‘friends’ [she hated how people overused that word.]. She needed nicer people to be around, but at the same time, she also knew she deserved much worse. She was rather reserved and took time to open up, which often drove potential [impatient] friends away.

All of this changed when he came along [no, this is not another love story, I promise.]. He was different. She wasn’t looking for a romantic relationship – because a] she’d learnt better from past experience and b] she’d be lucky if she could ever maintain any of her friendships. He was exactly what she needed, she just didn’t know it yet. They were so different, yet so similar. They had enough in common to talk about and fill in the awkward silence she was often enveloped by. Strangely, she found herself focusing on their differences, unlike in any other relationship in her life.

Perhaps this unique approach was fitting, because their relationship turned out to be very unique – very unlike the others in her life. They shared an undeniable bond, so it would come as no surprise that it didn’t take very long for them to grow close. He reached out to her in a way which made her want to open up and give friendship a chance. From him, she learnt how to look at things/people differently, how to truly enjoy life; he even helped her overcome her fears. She began to enjoy and appreciate the simplest things in her life. Having him around made all her worries a whole lot lighter. Above all, he taught her the true value of friends and friendship; he taught her how a true friend can actually change one’s life for the better.

He intrigued her right from the start. He is not the most amusing person she’s known, yet she can’t help being amused by everything he does. He is the kind of person you can never tire of; the kind you can write a whole book about, and still have plenty to say; the kind who makes you change your life for the better; the kind to imbue a sense of happiness within you.

She always wanted a friend like him, but she didn’t realise it till he came along. Everything else in her life seemed to fall into place, and she no longer had to turn to the voice in her head to keep her company. She was happy – truly, infinitely happy.

[This post only emerged from my urgent desire to write a he-she non-romantic story, and also because I was so inspired by a friend. This is no story, but I think I’ve said whatever I wanted to. Big thanks to the inspiration for this post. You truly are a-muse-ing.]



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