Take a Chin Pil.

To, the jolly-faced CP.

You can't tell if she's posing for this picture, really, because she has a face that's always smiling.

You can’t tell if she’s posing for this picture, really, because she has a perpetually-smiling face.

In the time we’ve been friends, you’ve hinted to me on several occasions – implicitly and explicitly – of your love for personalised, handwritten letters. I know this post comes nowhere close, but I felt a deep urge to write this. [Also, don’t worry, several handwritten letters will definitely come your way soon. You might even regret telling me you wanted them in the first place.]

This is an appreciation post. I have few people in my life whom I would gladly categorise as ‘friends’, and I can proudly say Chin is one of them. Sometimes, my feelings overwhelm me, which is what leads to these little appreciation posts.

Thank you, Chin…

  • For all the times you believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, and pushed me to use my full potential.
  • For the lengthy, nonsensical WhatsApp chats.
  • For all the laughs through the innumerable funny times and the unfunny ones.
  • For helping me find humour in times when I found it difficult to even smile.
  • For not only being someone I can easily relate to, but also being another me in more than just a few ways.
  • For sharing in on the weirdness, madness and of course, the lunacy.
  • For lifting me up and keeping me grounded at the same time.
  • For always appreciating my jokes and even my failed attempts.
  • For the many other wonderful times that either words cannot express, or my memory can’t.

Here’s to all the times ahead of us, no matter how long; to our meat-up project and to other less-important academic projects; to the Literature lectures, where things only get weirder by the minute [AND IT’S NOT ALWAYS OUR DOING, WHOA!]; to our pointless rants; and, obviously, to the infinite laughs we will have over just about anything.

We’ve been friends for about two years now, Chin, and within that time you’ve taught me so much [whether you meant to or not], you’ve inspired me, you’ve helped me get through some torturous moments with a smile, and you made me want to be a better friend. I wouldn’t have had the ability to deal with a lot of life that happened to me within this time [especially in the last year], if not for you.

So, thank you, Chinmayi.

Take love and lots of lovely feelings.



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