To a new academic year. [Goodbye, Summer 2015!]


IT’S OVER. My summer holidays are coming to an end this week, and I’m still confused about how that makes me feel.

This summer break has treated me well. I’ve had a wonderful, long [but obviously not long enough] summer. I finally got to catch up on my reading, and although I still have a humongous pile of books lying around waiting to be read, I did read a lot of good books which I absolutely loved, and one horrible book which I don’t ever want to talk about. I was introduced to some brilliant TV shows, which have already successfully taken over my life, [thank you, Hannibal.] and a number of movies that I hadn’t watched before. I fell sick and recovered. I tried my hand at cooking – just a few times, but it’s a start. Above all, I had a lovely, relaxing break that I truly wanted and needed. It’s actually a little awkward when people ask me how I spent the summer, because the response I give them doesn’t seem like I’ve done much …or anything at all, really. It’s true, I did vegetate a lot. But it was fun, and I was happy, and that’s all that matters.

I am sad to be leaving all of this behind for daily 5.30AM alarms, travel struggles and a ridiculous amount of studying and project work, without 24-hour access to my refrigerator/bed. [Wow, it’s really hard to find a silver lining sometimes.] But, I don’t have a choice. am willing to. Besides, summer will be back soon enough with its paradise-like leisure and hell-like temperature.

Here’s to a new year at college, to trying my hand at new things, to working hard and not giving up, to the new people [and old pals] I encounter, and to having a good time. Goodbye, summer. See you next year!




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