On life and being grateful (especially for Chris Martin)

Hello. It’s me.

[DAMMIT. I’m sorry, I won’t make that reference again!]

So I went away for a long time because I’ve been *kind of* busy, but mainly just because inspiration hasn’t struck me AT ALL. I haven’t written anything (save for a few mildly decent letters) in the past few months, and I don’t know if I will anytime soon, either, but my favourite month begins tomorrow and I just couldn’t stay away!!

There’s so much to look forward to in December and I am so, so stoked for a number of things, highest on the list being Coldplay’s new album (A Head Full of Dreams) release on the 4th! (that’s four days away, OHMYGOD!!!). I’m always excited for new Coldplay music, and this coming within just a little over a year from their previous record makes it all the more thrilling. Obviously, YouTube is flooded with all things Coldplay and a bunch of Chris Martin interviews, ensuring I had a joyful early Christmas this year.

Okay, so I wasn’t just having a little silly fangirl moment; all of it is relevant to what I am about to say. Chris Martin’s always been a funny guy and his interviews are always very fun to watch, but in his recent interviews, he’s been radiating even moreย positive energy. I learnt something that I thought was very significant from his interviews and helped me.

Chris talks about how life – and the fact that you wake up every day – is a miracle in itself, and how grateful he is to just be alive and present in this world. Words as simple as that got me thinking about how much I’ve taken for granted – with respect to people or situations in my life – and how many days I’ve just wasted away by not doing anything significant, really. By ‘significant’ I don’t mean going out and trying to change the world or anything; even simple things like bringing a smile to a random stranger’s face or helping someone out is enough to make a difference in that person’s life, and honestly, it brings me great joy and pleasure to be able to make someone smile.

Sorry if my post has been random and the ideas seem disjointed – I haven’t written in a long time. But this is all I really have to say – I’m in a happy place today: at peace with everyone and everything in my life, and I’m grateful to just be here, in this moment.







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