You have beauty

I don’t know if this is just one of my many quirks or if any of you have at some point in your lives found yourselves doing the same, but I tend to revisit things a lot – be it books, my writings, events, even text messages! With regards to my writing (i.e. my blog), I read and re-read my posts a lot because it evokes different feelings every time. Sometimes, I even read some of my really old posts (which don’t evoke any feelings apart from the cringe-worthy kind) only to ascertain if there have been signs of progress (any at all, really – I’ll leave you to be the judge of that). A lot of them were too embarrassing and I had to have them taken down, but I left some of the old ones which so wonderfully showcase my naiveté and innocence – both in my character and in my writing. I’ll admit, 15-year-old Christina had all the right ideas with not quite satisfactory execution; however, 19-year-old Christina has a more developed opinion on the same ideas, and hence the need to write a more elaborate post for one of my starter ones – “You are Beautiful”.

“Beautiful” has been one of my favourite adjectives for years now. The whole topic of beauty in itself is something I hold so dear to me, which is probably why I find the old post so disappointing. 15-year-old Christina was perhaps influenced by some song lyric (or two – two songs have been quoted in that post) and her [no association will be made whatsoever between my former self and my present self] favourite celebrity telling their fans they are beautiful or a tumblr post or something such. Today, however, it’s something I feel very strongly about, to the extent that I ensure to look for beauty in not only people that I come across, but also in the little things around me.

Beauty is NOT skin-deep. And I think the Internet has done enough over the years to drill that into people’s heads (whether they really believe it or not is a whole different story).

I titled this post differently because I think there sometimes still is a misconstrued notion of what beauty really is. Sure, beauty is subjective and means different things to different people; but for some reason the adjective is ‘gendered’ and is generally used to compliment a girl who looks good (externally) and it’s sometimes just restricted to that one meaning. We only use it to describe a phenomenon, the exterior of which is pleasing to our eye.

But. There is beauty deep within you.

Every time you try to make someone smile.

Every time you get up and fight a losing battle.

Every time you laugh – no matter how miserable you may feel inside – and cause someone else to laugh.

Every time you follow your passion.

Every time you spread a little love.

Every time you look for the good in bad situations/people.

Every time you look for the beauty in another.

Apart from which, yes, there also exists external beauty. There are things/people you look at and perhaps it is the most fitting word to describe them. External beauty does not, by any means, have standards/conventions – a fat, dark-skinned man can be called beautiful just as well as a skinny white model.

Beauty, abstract though it may be, can be found all around you in concrete forms. And every type of person you encounter has inherent beauty. All it takes is you actually seeking it out.




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