“If you don’t have a smile, I’ll give you one of mine.” – Unknown

Seriously, though. I have way too many. And laughs – plenty of those too, in variety.

So. This is a simple, straightforward post and was inspired by a random woman I saw smile/nearly laugh on the train this morning. Yes, for a long time my stupid mind made me think she was laughing at me for no reason at all (that thought still is in the back of my head), but she was busy typing on her phone. Not that that mattered as much as the fact that she was GLOWING and just giving out this really wonderful energy by simply enjoying a joke on her own (or rather, with the person on the receiving end of her phone communication).

Some years ago, I came up with a hypothesis: “Nobody can look ugly when they smile.” Now, I don’t want to get into the whole topic of subjective beauty – I’m not so much concerned with the appearance of a person when they smile as I am with the way their faces light up when they do, and consequently light up those around them. Smiling just adds so much more to a person’s face than when they frown, or even when their face is just at rest.

I’m not asking you to smile so that you may “look good” to others. Smile, because you never realise in what way that can actually reach out to someone. (I’m sure the woman on the train today didn’t.)

I won’t even sugarcoat it, life can be absolute shit sometimes. But that’s precisely why making a habit of GENUINELY smiling at least once (that is VERY little, but small steps) every day is so important. Even if it’s just you smiling to yourself. I don’t think you can actually realise how therapeutic smiling to yourself is until you try it out. (Of course, laughing is more effective, but small steps again.)

We’re all so busy stressing about things nowadays, moving from one point to another just in order to get things done, all in the ultimate search of being happy. But happiness really isn’t a destination – it takes a simple act like smiling through the little things everyday to achieve that peace of mind you think you’re constantly seeking.

Maybe this post makes me seem like I think I have it all figured out, but I promise you, I don’t. And I do have rubbish moments that I go through too, but THIS is a lesson I’ve learnt over time, one that has actually proven effective and I thought it’d be nice to share it with all of you.

Smile daily – whether at someone, or to yourself. It might not have the ultimate power of magically transforming a bad day into a good one, but it can make you feel a lot better. Give it a try. It costs nothing, but the returns will impress you. 



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