Blog 2.0


For those of you who haven’t noticed, my blog has been dead this entire year. I also completed my five-year anniversary with WordPress a couple of days ago(!), which was when I originally wanted this entire revamped blog to resurface, but as usual, laziness (and lack of creativity) got the better of me, and I wasn’t ready. But anyway, it’s here now and I’m so, so excited for this new version!

So. To begin, I broke my head for several weeks only to come up with a domain name clever enough to represent me, and I came up with this very uncreative, almost-cliched one. The name still does enough to represent me, I would think, because jazz music and wine is my idea of a perfect anything. So even though I did kind of settle for this name, I realise that I won’t ever be fully satisfied with a name I come up with (because that’s just how I am) and decided to go ahead with this one.

What’s different in this version is that I do intend to post so much more frequently than I have been, which is why my blog is structured into different categories to make sure I keep an active presence at all times. I’ve already added a little description to every category, but I’m going to list them out here as well so that you have a fair idea of what my blog is going to be like from now on (and to give out the idea that I’m a very organised person).

These are the categories that my blog is going to consist of:

  • C(h)reeple [Christina’s people]: features small write-up alongside an image of all the people who play an important role in my life – and consequently this blog.
  • Daily Inspiration: created primarily so that this blog remains active – posts range from images, articles, short stories, songs, quotes. Naturally, none of the posts in this category are original. It’s just me sharing something inspirational I find.
  • Christina the Critic: Reviews of food, books, movies or anything else that I feel particularly critical about.
  • For Pun’s Sake: All of the puns I make up which never ever get the recognition they deserve. I just had to include this segment so I can punish a wider audience now.
  • Unpopular Opinion: My opinion on an issue I feel the need to write about – both trending topics and not.

These categories are the same as in the old version:

  • Musings – now with an image so that I can properly plagiarise Berlin ArtParasites’ concept.
  • Life Experiences/Events
  • Life Learnings
  • Open Letters

This is subject to any change, in case I come across another idea I feel the need to steal incorporate.

Let’s hope I can make this work the way I want it to. Thank you for reading. Here’s to new beginnings!



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