When life gives you Lemons…

Franz: lover of food and felines; allergic to physical activity (unless it results in him procuring food/cat(s)) and idiots (alternately referred to as imbeciles, morons and other words I should probably refrain from saying publicly).

You ever have someone you just connect with on a whole new level, and even when you don’t, your arguments do?


[No, I’m not talking about Catman and Batman].

Meet Franz: my favourite weirdo of the lot. He quite possibly IS the lot (No, that’s not an insensitive fat joke), given that he’s the most influential of all: the muse behind majority of my musings.

He is the funniest, most amazing (and amusing) person I’ve ever met. He’s the kind you learn so much about, write so much about, spend so much time with, and yet never tire of. A constant companion, entertainer, mentor, fight-buddy…it doesn’t even matter what else; he defies categorisation. All that matters is that he is constant.



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