the story of JC

My Good Friday tradition every year is to watch The Passion of the Christ because I love the film so damn much. And the reason I love it so much as to watch it every year (sometimes more than once a year) is because it actually helps me relive the Passion in a way I would never be able to on my own, even after reading through it in the Bible so many times. It’s hard-hitting every time, despite the fact that I have perfect recall of the film scene-by-scene. (This piece of information IS connected to the post I’m sharing with you today, I promise).


So during my usual YouTube video streaming today, I came across this AMAZING video. I’ve heard different bits of this testimony several times in the past, but something made me want to watch this video – and am I glad I did! Although he reiterates so much of what I’ve already heard before, he presents it in a way I haven’t ever perceived it. And to add to that, so much of it is his own personal experience, making it very real, and therefore, very inspirational.

I’m sharing this with all of you in the hopes that it will change you in the way it did me. It’s a bit lengthy, I know, but surely you can forfeit an episode of whatever series you’re currently binge-watching and make time to watch this. Whether or not you’ve been told these things before, hit play; it’s a wonderful way to bring in the Holy Week.

Have a blessed week ahead 🙂




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