To the ‘inadequate’

inadequate. That’s what you are.

You try to be too many things to too many people, with not one of it ever working out, until it hits you: you can never be anything to anyone.

Are any of the efforts ever worth it?

inadequate. insufficient. just not enough.

When are you ever going to define yourself based on what YOU think?

Look inside you: Are you enough for yourself?

Can you wipe your own tears when overwhelmed by sudden, unexpected emotion?

Create your own sunshine, and one for others?


Get up and wipe away those tears, love.

You’re not a burden; you matter.

Everybody who is in your life WANTS to be there – no one is “putting up” with you.

You’re alive, which means you have a purpose. 

Go out and make a difference anyway, whether people appreciate you or not.



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